12:00 am

Erskine Overnight

Fast paced, entertaining, informative weekend programming that deals with ideas and concerns for your social, political and economic life; Guests and relevant content not heard on every other station – network, cable or internet show!

4:00 am

The Paracast

The Paracast is a paranormal radio show that takes you on a journey to a world beyond science, where UFOs, poltergeists and strange phenomena of all kinds have been reported by millions.

5:00 am

Talk Radio Countdown

Every week The TalkRadio Count Down Show, with host, Doug Stephan, surveys a wide variety of people “in and outside the industry” to determine what’s uppermost in the minds of your listeners.

6:00 am

Executive Leaders Radio

Bringing the wisdom and inspiration of successful CEO’s and executives to the world.

7:00 am

Dr. Bob Martin Show

Dr. Bob Martin believes that information and education are the keys to good health, and takes every opportunity to share his knowledge through consumer lectures, newspapers and radio health talk programs throughout the United States and

9:00 am

Financial Myth Busting

Today every story begins with the economy. Nothing could be more critical. Yet the issues involved could hardly be more misunderstood. What the media reports as conventional wisdom is often clouded with confusion and contradiction.

10:00 am

The American Family Farmer

The American Family Farmer Show is the weekly voice for small, independent farm owners, as well hobby farmers and all of those interested in eating natural foods that make as few stops as possible from the farm to the table.

11:00 am

Freedom Feens

The Freedom Feens take an hour to explain all the useful stuff they used to teach in college and even high school before that was all replaced with majoring in feelings.

12:30 pm

Info Wars with Alex Jones

In this age of rapidly accelerating technology the threat to our liberties is a very real and present danger. Alex Jones is a unique voice that sifts through the information and exposes the underlying intentions.

2:00 pm

Free Talk Live

What’s on your mind? Unlike those right-wing or left-liberal extremist shows, Free Talk Live is talk radio that ANYONE can take control of. Yes, even you. Free Talk Live is the next generation of issues-oriented talk.

7:00 pm

The Armed American Radio Show with Mark Walters

The Armed American Radio Show with Mark Walters bring a unique blend of conservative talk, humor and hard-hitting truth about the fundamental right to bear arms that the mainstream media wouldn’t dare discuss.

9:00 pm

The Steve Sanchez Show

The Steve Sanchez Show- He talks about Politics, pop culture, sex, and the Bible!
Real, Raw, and Relevant